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Outback Adventures

After driving 1800km into the middle of outback Queensland, and 3 weeks of painting in 51 degree heat, we are stoked to share our latest project. As a team of 3 artists including Adrian Doyle, Nicky Supansa and Maha, we set out to complete the painting of a large water tower in the town of Augathella, Queensland.

Commissioned by Murweh Shire Council, Queensland Council of the Arts, and Red Ridge Interiors, we began the process by working with local community members on the design. This was an involved process to determine important community icons, including the inclusion of an emu which is the totem animal for the local Bidjara community.

Whilst transforming these ideas into a truly Blender artwork, the consultation process led us to a design that everyone in the region would enjoy, and the painting could begin.

With a size of 40m in height and 20 metres around, it was no mean feat. We chose bright colours that would give colour to the landscape, and at this size it certainly has become a stand-out feature.

And the finished tower!


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