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The Blender Studios has evolved alongside the urban art scene for two decades, becoming an integral landmark for street art in Australia. Blender Creatives is the production leg of the studios, working hard to deliver high-quality public art, murals, installations, sculpture, space-activation, set design and prop making across the country. 

We are an art consultancy and production house, we live and breathe creativity, and we are fully committed to meeting your project’s needs. We have 25 in-house artists ranging from street artists to sculptors, fine artists and performers. We also work with over 100 other external artists from Melbourne and all across the country. With this extended network of artists we are able to find the perfect artist for your creative project!


Blender Creatives is a full-service creative agency specialising in guerrilla advertising, street art, sculptural installation, set design, interiors, exteriors, graffiti and space activation (we can do just about anything!).


We have worked with top brands such as Disney, Nintendo, Crown Casino, C.U.B, Amazon, American Express and the National Gallery of Victoria.


We are a talented collective of artists, project managers, and art directors who coordinate end-to-end creative processes; from concept to execution.


We draw from the vast experience of the Blender Studios and the myriad of artists that have called the Blender home over the last 18 years. With years of experience in creating public art and commercial projects, Blender Creatives can work on any project and within most budgets.




  • Public Art Services

  • Private mural commission

  • Corporate mural services

  • Space Activation

  • Sculpture & Installation

  • Set Design & Prop Making

  • Community Murals 

  • Signage

  • Artistic consultations

  • Team Building 

  • ​Creative Workshops (visit our Blender Institute site)


Blender Creatives | Production House


Unlike other creative agencies, we design and build (nearly) every  project ourselves. This means that you are working directly with the artists.  There is no middle man. We can create anything from mini ants to space ships, gigantic murals and projections, and everything in between.


Blender Creatives works with architects, interior designers, corporations, businesses, councils and private collectors to oversee and install site-specific art, one-off projects, murals, public art, anything. With our expertise in the field and relationships with artists we can ensure your project is in good hands and that you receive highest value for your money

ART CONSULTANCY | Blender Creatives
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