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Blender Creatives began at the famous Blender Studios: An artists’ hub filled with street artists, fine artists and designers.


Blender Creatives is the only full service creative agency in Australia to be run exclusively by artists. It is the Blender Studios’ philosophy to create opportunities for young and emerging artists, therefore we have older, established artists nurturing and mentoring younger artists.


Blender Creatives can work within most budgets on many kinds of projects. From corporate international and national projects, to smaller local projects that require younger artists. All revenue from Blender Creatives' work directly supports the artists. We draw from the vast experience of the myriad of artists that have called the Blender home over the last ten years. With years of experience in creating public art, and commercial projects, the creative director and artists work alongside the client to design a product that encompasses your vision with our creative expertise.


Director: Adrian Doyle

Adrian Doyle is a well-known Melbourne artist, and is involved in both the fine art and street art scenes throughout Australia. Over the past 14 years, Doyle has played key roles in these scenes as artist, entrepreneur, artist facilitator and project manager.


One of Doyle’s aims is to help artists and young people wherever possible. All the work he does (including his work with Blender Creatives) actively supports youth programs and artists. He runs artistic workshops for both schools and council youth groups where young people are given the opportunity to engage with art in creative and cutting-edge ways.


He has worked in local councils and government for over five years. This has given him valuable experience in council bureaucracy, permit procedure and OH&S procedures.


As well as having sell-out solo shows each year in cities across Australia, Doyle has also shown internationally in cities such as New York, Budapest and Dublin.


Finally, to extend upon his academic and fine art interests, Doyle has undertaken a PhD, which will focus on the aesthetics and symbolism of suburbia in Australia.


All of these roles enable Doyle to successfully run Blender Creatives as the creative director and project manager.  Whether he is designing the work, speaking with clients, managing the artists or making the art, Doyle ensures that each project is completed to the client’s needs, and always to a very high standard. Each project is handled with complete professionalism.


The Blender Creatives Community is made up of dedicated artists and graphic designers who are all experts in their chosen mediums. By removing the ‘middle man’ and working directly with an artist-run company, all proceeds collected by Blender Creatives are able to directly support artists and art projects: from fair pay rates to the running of social art workshops with the youth of Melbourne.

The Blender Creatives Community is a part of a larger art complex that is comprised of:

The Melbourne Street Tours

The Blender Institute
Blender Studios
Dark Horse Experiment Art Gallery

• Blender Projekt Space

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