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Horror Film Workshop (Art Camp)


A couple of weeks ago Blender Creatives hosted a film camp at Blender Studios. The Loddon shire council brought down a group of super talented punks to do the 3 day film Camp. Clint Cure and myself ran the project and decided to create a slasher horror film. Clint Cure has created many short horror films and was the perfect person to direct this film. We split up into groups so that we could learn, costume, sound, filming, lighting and story boarding. The workshops were fun and where assisted by Sarah Cauilfield. I have to say that Film camp at Blender was one of the funnest youth projects I have ever done. Everyone, worked really hard and participated completely. The film last for four minutes and is a fabulous outcome... check it ouT.. its so grusome and funny... love iT

To see the Film Please Click Below

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