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Hosier Gets a Makeover

What a way to end the year! As Melbournes second lockdown of 2020 came to an end, artists all over Melbourne were itching to get out and paint the streets. Everyone was a bit out of practice, and the cities streets were a reflection of that.

Thanks to City of Melbourne, we had the opportunity to engage with 9 artists on murals throughout the municipality. This was the perfect opportunity to refresh the city, and what a way to celebrate the end of the year! With a brief for Christmas inspired designs and artwork, it was left up to the artists to offer their own unique take on the theme. Our team at Blender Creatives managed all aspects of the project, ensured the curatorial theme was consistent, curated the pieces and locations, and oversaw the materials and install of each piece.

With many of these murals taking place in Hosier Lane, we decided that in place of one of the 9 murals we would supply the materials for a Hosier paint up.

Over 30 artists came down to the laneway across one big weekend to paint alongside the commissioned murals and makeover what had become a very drab and sad state of affairs.

Check out the work In progress...

Commissioned Works

Project Details

Size | 9 murals, various sizes Commissioned by City of Melbourne Location | Hosier Lane - Melbourne, Maloney Lane - West Melbourne, and North Melbourne Artists included | Heesco, Makatron, George Rose, Lynn Bremner, Luke Presto, Adrian Doyle, Lucy Lucy and the Blender Studios crew.

Happy New Fear, Presto (Hosier Lane)

A clean world for Christmas, Adrian Doyle (Hosier Lane)

Christmas Fantasy, Maha (Hosier Lane)

Melbourne Christmas, Lynn Brenmer (Hosier Lane)

European and British Folk Christmas, Kaffeine (Hosier Lane)

Christmas Beetle, George Rose (North Melbourne)

Cheers!! My Melbourne, Heesco (North Melbourne)

BBQ Prawn, Makatron, Maloney Lane (Blender Studios)


Hosier Paintup

Pics from the weekend...

Artists pictured - Suki, Ruskidd, Vicki Soar, Manofdarkness, Supansa, Tinky, James Wilson, Manda Lane Photographs by Blender Studios and Alexander Pomnikow.


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